With a few years in the market and a reputation on Google of 4.9 out of 5 stars possible, with more than 520 reviews, more than 7800 sales between physical and online orders, and extensive management of operations, Renzzi is given the task of starting to design its line of furniture by making emphasis on the company's flagship products (beds and mattresses).

The objective of the current stage is the growing national level through sales on Amazon and the opening of a new location in the Kendall area (Miami, Fl) only with Renzzi products (Beds, Bedroom Sets, Sofas, Dining Sets, Art, Rugs, and Mattresses).

We currently have a solid business model that we can replicate in multiple areas, guaranteeing success and competitiveness in the market. We have considerably increased the quality of our services, and our brand defends the reputation gained in a harders years of work.

The market considers Renzzi Furniture an example because we see how our advertising models are copied daily. Still, our most significant advantage is that top market requirements design 80% of our merchandise, and everything comes out under our label.

We are sure that at Renzzi Furniture, you will find the best bed frames all over the United States.